Terms And Conditions –

1. Before submitting, it is necessary to check it by the concerned person on behalf of the student, if even after checking the student fails, we can compensate him in the new assignment.

2. We will only consider the student unsuccessful if he or she has not made any edits, has not submitted the correct file, and has not provided detailed feedback.

3. In technical jobs we can share video of running the program, if a student does not know how to run it, then it is the student's issue.  However, if he wants training the student can pay extra for it.

4. Refunds can be given only in case of plagiarism, despite this, we are providing Turnitin Plagiarism Report as proof.

  5. If the assignment/project gets stolen by the teacher even after our writer gives the Turnitin report, it cannot be considered the writer's fault.

 6. The writer can talk on call only in case the first task given by the student is not done properly even after doing the same task 2-3 times.

 7. Even in emergency work students are liable to check everything by the concerned person before submission if still student does not get passing marks then compensation will be given for the same level of job.

 8. In case of examination assistance, we will allow the students to select any writer after on-call interview, thereafter if the student still gets failing marks.  We are then liable to refund at least 50% or provide equivalent level job compensation.

Assignments guidelines

Checking before submission is necessary because we do not attend the classes and we do not know the behavior of the instructor. Assignment briefs are based on class activities and content. Please ask any relevant person for help in checking, it can be instructor, friend or student.

Dissertation TNC

1. We work step by step.

2. Only once the student confirms the previous work do we proceed.

3. Therefore, if the student still gets less marks due to this strategy, then it cannot be considered the mistake of the writer.

4. The company cannot take any responsibility in emergency work or rework.    

5. However, if there is a need for re-work on the basis of first mail, the instructions will be free.

Failed report

Once students fail then first thing they should do is give detailed feedback in the trailing mail…

 We will see whose fault it is, if the writer is at fault then we will give the same level of work for free or do the work again.

For Rework TNC

The student should be given time-specific rework and that too in marks.

Free rework can only be done if the author does not comply with first mail requirements. 

The author cannot be held accountable if the student fails to complete these activities, however, if the student gets a chance to complete the work again, the author may do so based on the first mailed instructions.

The student will have to resubmit the assignment within 1 day after completing it.

In case of emergency, the writer may refuse to work again and it may take time for him to do so.  He can again accept work only during working hours.

For Writers TNC

Availability time will be from 10 am to 6 pm Indian time

Calling may be possible if the work is not done correctly twice.

Once students fail, the first thing they should do is give detailed feedback in the trailing mail.

We will see whose fault it is, if it is the writer's fault then we will give the same level of work for free or do the work again.

Emergency Assignments

No rework can be done on the spot . If failure occurs due to writer's mistake, the job of the same level can be done for free or the work can be done again in the same file if the student gives good time limit. If you prove everything wrong in the emergency work, then you will keep the money as deposit for the new work.

Technical Coding work

We can send you all files with video as proof of output run.  Although the author may refuse to assist you through Team Viewer, he may assist you by call or mail..

Turnitin Report Issues

We provide proof of Turnitin reports that cannot be tampered with.

Even after giving Turnitin report students find plagiarism and then see the reason.

There were three reasons for plagiarism: either he submitted it twice or showed it to someone else or technical

Issue. Then the author will do it again, in that case, the student and the company will each bear 50%.

For Staff TNC 

Availability from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

  It will help to call writers... If a representative does not respond to you within an hour you can WhatsApp +919050761360 with your student code. Please try to send maximum messages and avoid calling

For Refund TNC

In case of examination it may be possible to get that too 50% refund. If a student fails due to the mistake of the writer then free assignment of the same level can be done.  Still, we hurry to check. We may compensate students with new assignments by different writers if the writer cannot meet the basic assignment requirements prior to submission. The author may refuse to pay any compensation if the student makes changes himself.

For mail

Please check the draft and give specific rework at points at a time based on first mail requirements. If the writer has not reworked the work twice, the writer can speak on the call or the student can attach a voice note. Rework should be given within 1 day and the writer will respond during working hours.  10 am to 6 pm . It may take a day for the author to work again. But remember before taking any action we require detailed feedback in case of fail report in previous mail  sir/madam Please remember that both you and the writer will be responsible if you get low marks, so if you are not familiar with the assignment, have it reviewed by a relevant person such as a friend or instructor.

We have Sent Complete Work Draft 

Checking before submission is necessary without any excuse by the teacher, friend and yourself. Because we do not attend your classes. We do not know your instructor's behavior in the investigation. All rework and questions should be asked prior to submission. We are ready to do free rework on first mail basis No refund will be given if any student does not follow us.

Dissertation format

will go step by step . Once we have assigned a part we will hold it until the student confirms it with the supervisor.     

50% minimum advance . Offer + first 2 chapters will be 50% payment 

For Resit work

Students should check with the professor before submission. We will not be held responsible if the student fails even after testing. To give specific rework in points for resit work please follow us and give approval before submitting only. If a student says nothing and assumes that the work is perfect.

For call arrange

Please give specific reason in the previous mail. After that our person will contact you. The call will take place through Google Meet.  So please download it.  Please ensure that there is no personal or money related conversation otherwise we may cancel the job. Please remember that if you do not get a response by mail during working hours then you can immediately contact the WhatsApp person in this regard.

Thanks Regards